Lili's knitting, eh?

Thursday, May 25, 2006

So not the knitting queen

Okay. So I haven't posted in forever, and I havent' done any knitting in forever. But I am working on a pretty scarf. But who needs a scarf in May?? So I am typing this so that I will make myself finish my scarf by the end of May. That's right, by May 31st I will have FO#3 finished. Or you know...close to it :)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Okay I'll try this posting thing again. It's taking me a while to figure it all out.

FO#1 was basically me learning how to knit. There's a few mistakes...especially with joining the grey on at the ends but all in all I'm pretty happy with it. It started out as a little joke that I was going to knit my oldest son (13) a nice big comfy sweater that said "Mommy loves Kyle" on it. As you can imagine he didn't think that was so cool. But the 7 year old thought it was a fabulous idea. I told him that I really didn't think that mommy could knit a sweater, but may be a little (by little I mean small, after all this is my first attempt here) blanket. Jacob thought the 'throw' was a fabulous idea. "But don't forget to put mommy loves Jacob on it" So then I had to tell him that that was just a weeeeeeee bit out of my skill range. "that's okay can just write it on with marker" I ask that sweet or what?

So here it is..

Note I did not write on it with marker...but he seems to be okay with that :).

All in all I am pretty happy with it, considering it was my first project. I put in a little design just to keep it interesting. The grey I added on at the end because I just felt it needed something. I did learn though (thanks Julie and Hooch!!) that when you add an extra stitch in there there is no need to rip out row after row after row. (Doh!!!!!) But hey...I guess it gave me a little more time to work on my knitting skills.

The one thing I found that being as I was just starting I bought my yarn at Walmart...just some cheapy stuff...Jacob picked out the colour. The first ball was really thick and the second ball was a lot thinner. If you look closely you can probably see that the top half of the throw is a lot bigger than the bottom half (well bottom 3 quarters really). Oh and learn I guess.

Julie calls this 'the boring stuff'...I am too new to really go into any great detail so I will just say that I knitted with size 10 US needles, cast on 86 stitches, knitted about 20 stitches and then did a little patch of stockenette and back to the knitting. Nothing fancy but Jacob loves it (as you can see) and I am done. Finally! (Don't tell anyone but I started in January...let's just say I ripped out a lot of stitches...and trying to put the needle back in...eeeeesh!!!)

Also..I must add that we ran out of purple paint while painting the living room so we didn't worry too much about painting behind the radiator because you can't see it anyway...until you take a picture...ack!!! I totally didn't notice until I posted this pic...oh get a nice before and after of the paint

Now...on to the next thing :)

Monday, March 27, 2006


Just so you know what a miracle the knitting of the throw really is, I decided my blog wouldn't be complete without the posting of the "squares". These "squares" were my first attempt at knitting, just a little practice before I attempted to make a bigger item. And well...the word squares is also a little weeee bit misleading.

"Square #1"

Well...look at that. You are beginning to see why the word squares is in quotes aren't you? I will admit that I quit this one...I had to. This thing was getting longer and longer and longer and contrary to what this picture shows, I do in fact know what a square is. Really I do. Really. Which leads us to...

Square #2

Um...yeah. So you have to admit there is a little bit of progress here right? I mean sure, it still isn't a square but it's only off about 2 inches on each side, which is waaaaay better than the first one. So progress. But yes...I quit this one too.

When I started knitting "square" #2, my son asked me what I was making. I told him "I don't know, may be a wash cloth." What else do you do with a square right? So when I gave up on it (or finished as I told him) He came over and said "wow that's great mom!!" I told him "wash cloths really don't look like this" and he said "you should call all those other people that make wash cloths and tell them to make them like yours. Yours is the best!" can you not love this kid?

Which leads me to

Square #3

Could it be?? Is this actually the beginnings of a square? Yes my friends...I made a square. Is it perfect? No...but it is definitely a square. (well it's on its way any way)

Now this square has really blossomed in its old age.

A little knitting, a little purling...and look up there at the top...some stockinette there too. Plus if you look at the bottom, that's me figuring out how to stick another colour on there. I'm sure as my knitting career goes on (I think calling it a career is a little like calling the hill in our back yard a mountain but you get what I mean) this square will become one colourful, well used piece of knitting.

I should also say in my own defense that "squares" 1 and 2 were attempted before I watched the very helpful videos at So thank you Julie for sending me there, what a fab site!!

So now that you have seen my "squares" you think my throw is fantastic don't you??? Obviously it could have been a lot